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The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department maintains a 24/7 operation with Deputies patrolling and responding to emergencies, investigating crime and protecting the citizens of Marshall County. Deputies respond to thousand of calls each year ranging from thefts, burglaries, homicides, and a wide variety of other crimes and complaints. the Sheriff’s Office also insures the County Court and Court House is secure and orderly. Deputies transport prisoners to hearings and trials and provide security during Court proceedings and also act as Officers of the Court serving process notices, warrants, and the legal notices on citizens as required by law.

The Marshall County Administrative Division files all reports and record-keeping which is required by law. They coordinate and process all court summons, subpoenas, warrants, Sheriff foreclosure sales, and all other records which are mandated by law to be maintained.

Regarding any Freedom of information request, (FOIA) current officers are Carrie Fidler (office manager). Any request should be directed to them in writing.

Firearms Owner’s Identification card forms are available on request at the Sheriff’s Office which is open 24/7. There is also a link on this web-site to the Illinois FOID application on line.

Illinois Sheriff’s Association Scholarships are awarded each spring by Sheriff Wayne Strawn II in the amount of $500.00, inquire with Carrie Fidler for more information and details. Office hours are 8:ooam to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. After hours doors are secured, please ring the buzzer at the north entrance for assistance.

The Sheriff’s Office also houses the 911 Communications Center which is the center of emergency communications throughout the county. 911 Dispatchers receive emergency calls from citizens and dispatch the appropriate fire, ambulance, and police departments to the emergency. Dispatchers are responsible for many other tasks which include registering sex offenders throughout the county and keeping track of them to ensure the safety of the citizens of Marshall County. Dispatchers also work closely with the Administrative Division to ensure all mandated records are filed and kept. they also monitor security cameras which are located throughout the jail and court house for the citizens safety.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department also houses and maintains the jail. Jail Officers are on duty 24/7 to maintain security, custody, and control of all incarcerated persons. They are also responsible for booking and processing incoming inmates, along with maintaining security of the building when Deputies are on calls. Jail Officers will do courtesy fingerprints for newly hired public sector employees, i.e.- teachers, aides etc. They are required to provide their own print cards, however, as employers should already be aware of. the jail houses 16 inmates at capacity, male and female. Juveniles are not housed at the Marshall County Jail but must be transported to a juvenile detention to be housed.

This is a free service for citizens of Marshall County that if you sign up will provide important information for your area. Please visit the CodeRed website to learn more and please sign up if interested.

Inmate Visitation
Inmate Visitation is allowed twice a week at the Marshall County Jail. Visitation hours are between 5:00pm and 7:00pm on Sundays and Wednesdays. Visitation is allowed by immediate family only. Special request may be made to Sheriff Wayne Strawn II or Chief Deputy Wilson for approval. No one, including family members with felony convictions or pending court cases will be allowed to visit.

It is the mission and goal of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to protect and serve the citizens of Marshall County and provide a safe environment for all.


520 6th Street
Lacon, Illinois 61540