Cynthia Nighsonger
Marshall County Treasurer
122 North Prairie St.
P.O. Box 328
Lacon, IL 61540
Phone: (309) 246-6085
Fax: (309) 246-6101
Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday*

**NO Special Hours**




Perform Treasurer Inquiry

The County Treasurer’s Office handles printing and collection of tax bills and distribution of tax money to all taxing districts. We send notices and collect fees for Rabies Tags. The County also holds a sealed bid auction sale for the County Trustee, for more information on this sale please look at their website:

General Information on Tax Bills

Taxes may be paid in full in one payment or in two installments. No Partial Payments. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt. Please bring entire bill when making payments. Cash payments must be made in person. Do not send cash in the mail. Tax bills are mailed out with two stubs on the bottom of each bill the first installment and the second installment, with the due dates located on each stub.

Due dates are shown on front of bills and interest will be added at the rate of 1 ½% per month for all real estate property effective on the first day following each due date until tax is sold or forfeited. Parts or fractions of a month shall be considered as a month. Late payments which do not include penalty will be returned. The County Collector will not be responsible for, failure to receive tax notice, or any omission of property or for the payment on wrong tracts or lots. Neither failure to receive a tax statement, nor receiving one late will relieve the taxpayer from paying the taxes or any penalties which may become due. If you are not responsible for payment of this bill, please forward to owner, bank, or mortgage company responsible for payment or return it to the County Collector’s Office.

Advertising costs will be added to each delinquent bill. N.S.F. checks void a receipt and a $25.00 charge will be made by the Collector. The collector may refuse a check anytime, if any prior payments were NSF(35 ILCS 200/20-25).

Tax Bill Payments
All payments must be accompanied by the proper payment stub.

At Participating Area Banks

  • Camp Grove State Bank
  • First National Bank of Lacon
  • Heartland Bank and Trust Co.
  • Hickory Point Bank
  • Mid America National Bank
  • Morton Community Bank – Lacon, Speer, Toluca & Washburn
  • Wenona State Bank

Banks cannot accept payments after the 2nd due date. Payments must then be directed to the County Collector’s Office.

In Person at County Collector’s Office

  • Hours 8:30a – 4:30p Monday-Friday
  • ** 8:30a – 7:00p Thursday & Friday of Due date   **NO Special Hours**
  • Closed Holidays

By Mail

  • PAYABLE/MAIL PAYMENT TO: Marshall County Collector
  • Cynthia A. Nighsonger – Treasurer
    P.O. Box 328
    Lacon, IL 61540

By Credit Card

  • A 2.95% convenience fee is charged for using the phone or internet.

Phone: 1-866-294-1817



Tax District Settlement Reports: