This page is a resource for potential employments opportunities with Marshall County.

Open Positions:

Program Compliance Oversight Monitor (PCOM) position available working for Marshall County IL and coordinating with MSW Projects. Qualifications are as follows: Reside in Marshall County (preferred), communication skills (both oral & written), familiar with accounting practices, computer literate (word processing, spreadsheets, and databases).

Job description as follows: oversee & review grant applications for MSW projects, audit invoices (monthly & quarterly), reconcile financial transactions. Develop & update service management plan, prepare & submit written reports to county board & MSW projects, submit online reporting to IDOT (monthly, quarterly, and year-end).

IDOT will supply and require training to be completed to file reports and hold this position. Position can be fulfilled by working from home or office with occasional meetings with MSW Projects and County Board. Work hours are between 10 – 20 monthly after training. Salary will be determined according to skill level and education of applicant. Please send resume and references by email to marshallpcom@gmail.com Attn: PCOM position.