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Weight Limits

Overweight and Oversized are Required to Obtain a Permit.

Please visit the Oxcart Permit Systems web site to complete and submit an Overweight/Oversized Permit Application:

The weight limit for Truck Routes is 80,000 pounds on 5 axles. There are no seasonal restrictions.
Truck Routes are:

  • N. Valley Road, CH 15, West of IL Rt 40 to Stark County
  • Tax School Road CH 12, Between IL Rt 26 and IL Rt. 89
  • Toluca Road CH 4, Between IL Rt 251 and Toluca
  • Yankee Lane, Between IL Rt. 17 and Peoria County

Seasonal Load Limits

All county roads not marked as Truck Routes have a 72,000 pound weight limit for 5 axles. Between February 1 and May 1 of each year, the weight limits are 70% of the normal weight limits.